Printable Documents of Interest

IDEA 2004

Federal Register IDEA 2004 Regulations

Click this link for Learning Disabilities Identification Papers

Click This Link for PDF Files about  Response to Intervention

Learning Disabilities Pullout Section Chicago Tribune November 2011

Links between ADHD and Genetics & Children

Mary Fowler Briefing Paper on ADHD

Reading & Learning Disabilities

College Students with ADHD Learning Strategies

IEP Guide for Parents and Educators

Forest Grove v T A IDEA Decision on FAPE

Printable Resource Guide for Parents

504 Guide for Jefferson County Public Schools.

Additional_Procedures_for_Identifying_Children_With_Specific_Learning Disabilities Powerpoint Presentation

Reading Instruction for Teachers

Behavior and IEPs


Reading Methods and Learning Disabilities

Understanding the Special Education Process

Learning Disability Defined

Practical Tips to Help Your Child to Learn Better and to Value Education

Link for article about Calculating the Cost of an Online Education